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This is my newest reel which includes my skills and some scenes from movies I worked on.
My first reel that I made for the Speed Racer casting. The begininning is a short fight were I tried to do some Karate moves because the coordinator needs that more than Wushu.
I made that video to show my weapon skills. Here you can find only Wushu weapons. A reel with different martial art weapons will follow.
This is my first own produced short movie. I tried to fit a little story with interesting characters in it. Here you will not find martial arts but some really hard bodystunts!!!
This is a testfight with my mate Alex Schmidt. We used weapons and bare hands and tried to but it together in a wushu-style fight scene.
Kenny Wong visit me sometimes from NY and we never want to miss the chance to work something out together. This is what we have done the last time.